Don’t just live with knee pain

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Have you thought about getting a knee replacement?

32% of women and 33% of men with knee replacements are of working age.
Reference: Bevan S, et al. The Work Foundation (Lancaster University) 2011

Many people live with knee pain day-to-day, and if you’re one of them you know how difficult it can make even the simplest everyday activities. You might not know however that there could be something you can do about it.

A knee replacement might help to relieve pain, restore and/or retain mobility, and keep you as independent and healthy as possible.

These days, replacements are more common than ever, and the procedures are being offered to younger and younger people.


79,516 UK knee replacements in 2011

Patient demographics:

67.4 average age in years

56% female

Reference: UK National Joint Registry 9th Annual Report 2012.